Monday, April 9, 2012

Tofu Tiramisu

I made a vegan Tofu Tiramisu!! This recipe is healthy and delicious. No one will know it is made without cheese and coffee.

Sponge     1  ½  cup  Unbleached white flour
                   2 tsp          Baking powder
                   ¼ cup       Canola oil
                   ½ cup       Apple juice
                   ¼ tsp        Salt
 Syrup      ½ cup       Grain coffee
                   2 tbsp       Maple syrup
                   3 tbsp       Rum
 Cream     ½               Agar-agar bar
                   1 lb            Tofu
                   1 cup         Soy milk
                   ½ cup       Maple syrup
                   2 tsp          Vanilla extract
  Carob powder    

Mix sponge ingredients well and pour into greased 9x13 rectangular pans. Baked for 15minutes at 350. Pour mixed syrup ingredients with ½ cup hot water over top of sponge cake and allow to absorb. Simmer agar-agar with water over medium heat until dissolved. Puree cream ingredients with agar-agar mixture in a food processor.  Pour cream on top of cake and refrigerate until firm. Sift carob powder over the top.

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