Friday, April 13, 2012

Today's Lunch

Today’s Macrobiotic lunch plate is Chinese style.

Dumpling with Gobo(Burdock root) & Onion

Mapo Tofu with Shiitake mushroom & Nuts

Vegetables with Hummus
Brown rice with soy beans & grain

This is easy, healthy, and delicious Pan fried vegetable dumpling recipe.
Filling: 1cup   Gobo(Burdock root) chopped
              2cup   Onion chopped
              1cup    Mushroom chopped
              2tsp    Miso
              2tsp    Flour
20 pieces  dumpling wraps

Saute filling ingredients with sesami oil and season them with Miso. Put into a bowl and mix them with flour. Fill them in dumpling wraps and fold in half to a moon shape and stick together with a touch of water. Add the dumplings to a sesami oiled hot pan and let them brown. Put 1cup water in and the lid on. Allow them to steam.

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