Monday, February 4, 2013


How has everyone been?

It’s February already! What sort of start has your year gotten off on?

We have been enjoying a wonderful new year, thanks to all of you.

One of the new year’s high points is “VOGUE PARIS”! We’ve been featured in the magazine’s February edition!

The content is written below in French in quotation marks.

“LE LIEU <<Ease NY, un centre de massages créé par une Japonaise où toutes les thérapeutes connaissent sur le bout des doigts les points de pression qui soulagent les tensions, défatiguent et rééquilibrent le corps.>>
16 East 41st Street,

“THE LOCATION <<Ease NY, is a massage center created by a Japanese woman where all the therapists know, at their fingertips, the pressure points to ease tension and to refresh and rebalance the body.>>
16 East 41st Street,

We are truly honored.

On behalf of all of our staff, we look forward to continue working with all of you, as we keep on working our hardest. 

Shizuka Moriwaki