Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi everyone,

I received an email from my friend who owns a small health food company called SHEFFA FOODS.  I am a big fan of their products.  Their snacks and salad sprinkles are gluten free, vegan, low is sugar and sodium and very, very tasty.  Sheffa is sold in Fairway, Zabar's, select health food stores locally and online, but they are getting more and more attention and are available now in some of Whole Foods stores.  Here's their website: www.SheffaFoods.com

Chase bank and LivingSocial are running a unique grant competition for small business owners, offering $250K to 12 small businesses.  It would be a huge help for them, and all we need to do is just vote for them to qualify.  Please see the email attached below for more specifics, but you can login using Facebook to www.missionsmallbusiness.com and enter Sheffa Foods (New York, NY is their location, but shouldn't be necessary).

Please take a few minutes to give them your vote; it would be so wonderful for them to have the support in expanding their healthy business!

Shizuka Moriwaki

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