Saturday, January 11, 2014

“Madame Butterfly” at La Fenice during Venice Biennale

Hi, this is Shico.

I’d like to serially introduce recent works of a contemporary artist of NY, Mariko Mori who is an internationally acclaimed artist, whose works have been acquired by museums and private collectors worldwide.

First up is of Opera! She designed sets and costumes of “Madame Butterfly” at La Fenice during Venice Biennale from June 21 to 30, 2013. This work teaches us a renewed recognition that she is very “Artist”. An inordinate number of reviews!

When I saw Madam Butterfly, a work of Academy Award-winning film director, the late Anthony Minghella in London, I was so impressed with his splendid work which the illumination was completely different from all previous ones. Her work, however, is worlds apart in my impression; On the stage, an objet d'art which symbolized transmigration came up to express the rebirth of the soul of the Madame (Ciocio), and an originally gloomy black image opera was changed into a fantastic, spiritual image. I found a gorgeous stage direction with a beautiful orchestra performance. As for her, there seemed to be more feelings, but this opera was collaboration …, and she said “This work has a benefit of such collaboration between the most historic opera house and contemporary art.

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